Spot Stuff

The Next Generation In Stain Removal

Spot Stuff is a Dry Powder spot remover that works in 3-5 minutes, and in most cases without any washing. Removing new oil and grease spills, Spot Stuff is even capable of removing old stains that have already been washed and dried. Portable, Inexpensive & easy to use, Spot Stuff fits in any suitcase, purse or pocket.

All Natural Ingredients

We at Spot Stuff, are proud to say that we use only the highest quality ingredients available. Spot Stuff is made with all natural, eco-friendly, ingredients, that are both safe and non-toxic. No more worrying about the effects of harsh chemicals on your garments.

What People Are Saying...

This powder is truly a miracle in a little packet! Olive oil dripped down the front of a brand new silk blouse that I was wearing for the first time :( I really didn't think that little packet of powder would do anything, but I figured why not give it a shot... So very glad I did! It was super easy to apply and the oil was lifted out 100% and my blouse is good as new again!! THANK YOU!!

– Sue Stanga

I had almost given up on a favorite rayon shirt that I had ruined with oily salad dressing. I had washed and stain-treated it several times, with no impact on the oily stain. But when I saw this product, I had to try it. I used one packet and, while I had to repeat the treat-and-wash process twice, it totally removed the stain after the second treatment (the first time, only partially removing the stain). I don’t know how they did it, but I’m just grateful I didn’t have to throw away my favorite shirt!

– Andi

Used on a shirt that was stained and after two treatments, my shirt is no longer stained. Highly recommend this product.

– Priscilla

This product does what it says. I have several shirts with lipid based stains that remained after regular washing and drying. This procduct cleared them within one to two (for really bad stains on light colored shirts) applications. Very impressed and happy that I can wear my shirts and not put them in the donation pile. I’m a believer!

– Jeff

I received this product yesterday and immediately used it on a casual top I really like. It had ben ruined when I spilled some salad dressing with oil on it. I tried all my usual remedies, but nothing worked. I was really upset. Then I saw "Spot Stuff" on The Grommet". I followed the simple Spot Stuff directions (turn the garment inside out, sprinkle a little on, rub gently on the inside). I turned it back to the outside and I'll be darned! No Spot! And, I only used a small fraction of one packet! I am so happy with this product, I recommend it wholeheartedly. I gave it 5 stars, but if I could give 1000 stars, I would. Once again - Thank you to The Grommet!!

– Cathy

Let me just say, this product ROCKS!! I was fortunate to be part of a test group for Spot Stuff. I brought 3 items to the test. I tried it on my white suede coat with grease from brushing up against my car. I thought it was ruined! Spot Stuff took it all off in a matter of minutes! It was unbelievable! Then I used it on my husbands golf shirt which had an old oil stain which was already washed and dried, and it took that out too!! My last test item was a knit top with bacon grease which had also been washed and dried and still had the stain. Amazing it took that off too!! I intend on stockpiling Spot Stuff when it hits the market!!!

– Michelle Vermillion Johnson

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