Our Story

Our founder & CEO Milissa Nelson worked for years in technology for the aviation industry, involving extensive travel and a limited wardrobe when spills hit. Tired of bad results from the instant spot removal products available, she thought there had to be a better answer to the long process of wet removal and waiting for more than 1/2 hr. for it to dry!  So she started her research nearly a decade ago to create something better to remove oil, grease & fat based stains. Today we finally have the answer—Spot Stuff!

Spot Stuff is an all-natural, dry stain remover that works on oil, grease, and fat based stains in minutes, and in most cases without washing!  Best of all Spot Stuff can be used on old oil, grease, and fat based stains you have already washed and dried and thought were destined for the trash! Spot Stuff is easy on the wallet and so convenient, and portable you can take it anywhere!

                       Don't Throw it out….Take it out….with Spot Stuff!

                                               Spot Stuff is made in the USA!