Spot Stuff Products

Spot Stuff is perfect for at home or on the go with its easy-to-use dry powder formula. Keep it in your car, pocket, or bag for quick and easy stain removal. Spot Stuff requires no water.  Simply apply, let the stain absorb, then brush off the powder for stainless clothes and fabrics.

The Next Generation Oil and Grease Stain Remover

Spot Stuff's dry powder formula can take on the toughest oil and grease stains with its unique formula.
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Essential Oil Stains? Spot Stuff to the Rescue

We love our essential oils, but sometimes they can get messy. One drip on your favorite shirt doesn't mean the end. Just apply Spot Stuff's unique waterless, powder-based formula to that stain and lift it right out.
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What Makes Spot Stuff Superior?

Spot Stuff's formula is the only one of its kind that can remove oil and grease stains where other stain removers can't compete.
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Where to Buy

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